Pindá Restaurant

Taste the best of the seas in the middle of the Rain Forest. Try the Pindá Restaurant!

How about relaxing and tasting a delicious crab shell by the pool? Or lunch under palm trees? Pindá Restaurant opens daily and serves the best caipirinha and sautéed calamari of the coast. We also have kids’ menu.

  • Sautéed Calamari – elected the best of the coast, nice and crunchy, a very popular dish!;
  • Crab and shrimp shell -our crab shell is a traditional family recipy, served au gratin. You must try out this secret!!-o
  • Moqueca – traditional brazilian style fish, cooked with coconut and dendê palm oil, served in ceramic pots are a savory, bringing all the spices of local tradition.
  • Fish with banana farofa-has a delicious homemade taste, always a suggestion that fits well;
  • Marinara Spaghetti – a selection of calamari, shrimps and mussels cooked in a delicious homemade sauce;
  • Veggie Grill- a grilled vegetable mix, whole rice and grilled coalho cheese. Ideal for vegetarians, or for those wanting to be a little lighter;
  • Special sandwiches– our homemade burgers are mouthwatering, 120g of pure beef, served with fries and sauce.

Kids Menu
  • In a hotel with so many little ones, the kids menu is a very important issue, appreciated by the children and by those not that small! Cooked in a way that you like, with fresh and carefully picked ingredients. We have from the traditional beef with chips to Tito`s suggestion, serving a deliciously grilled salmon.

A dessert?

Always tempting!! The traditional flambée banana with ice cream is delicious. Also try the ice cream with homemade chocolate syrup and diced almonds, or the mouthwatering brownie.

  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • English